You’re Supposed To FEEL GOOD Your Whole Life, I Mean ALWAYS r4

This is something I want to tell you because it can change your whole life. And the main thing I want to say you is this: you’re supposed to feel GREAT pretty much always. This is the real truth and the real way how to live a good life: you gotta find a way to feel good always. I mean feel good regardless of what’s happening in your life right now because it doesn’t matter that much.

I’m telling you this here right now because I’ve come to this realization right now listening to some reggaestep music(it’s a mix of reggae and dubstep, I give you a link here so you can listen exactly to what I’m listening:

I Already Knew It Before But I Forgot 😀 Feeling Good Is The Natural State Of Humanity

So you know what? I had already come to this realization before and now I’m just recalling it again. So the thing here is to feel good always no matter what. And I can tell you this state is achievable. It doesn’t matter if you see that some people are sad in the society, it really doesn’t matter man. It doesn’t matter if you see that maybe your friends or your parents are leading some “not very cool” lives. For you it does not have to matter a thing. The only thing you have to know is that you can achieve a state where you are blissful, happy and full of new ideas no matter what.

For Me It All Started With Meditation

Yeah, I started this journey when I first began meditating. For those of you who don’t know what meditation is I easily explain: to meditate is just to sit in a chair with your eyes closed and begin to breathe deeply, that’s it. Hahaha You can see it’s easy. But not as easy as it seems because when you just sit in a chair with your eyes closed and just breath you begin to have some kind of strange desire to just go elsewhere, and I mean you just want to move, you just can’t sit there with your eyes closed and just breathing. Isn’t it a little kinda strange, kinda odd, don’t you think so? I mean why can’t I just sit there for 30min just breathing and relaxing when I know it’s super-beneficial for my overall health and well-being? I mean I began to think you know, I began to think like wtf, why can’t I just sit there, relax and feel good, where do I want to run to? Where do I want to run to and why? Do I only want to go to another place or do something else because I think that it will somehow make me feel better? And THAT was the turning point for me when I began to realise that I don’t have to go anywhere, I can just sit there and feel really good without having to go running over there across the globe chasing food and sex you know. Haha. It was a turning point for me where I began to realise that I can be happy and feel really good without let’s say having a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or without going out with all the hot girls in the world you know. I began to SEE what life really is and what it is not.

End of article.

My name is Coco Money and this is RED MAC Entertainment.

Feel good my friends because you’re supposed to feel good.

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