What things in life make you feel alright?

So you tryin’ to find the things in life that make you feel alright? You know it may be kinda easy or tricky depending on how you look at it.
Well you have a failproof and working thing which is the music. Either listening to songs of other people or maybe even making and producing some songs of your own.
Other failproof method may be making some sports activities like riding a bicycle, going to gym or maybe playing some basketball or tennis games.
Or well… Maybe you can combine those 2 together and do some sports activities while listening to some music. You might enjoy that. Especially while riding a bicycle and listening to some cool energetic songs. But remember to use a portable speaker. Because at least here, in Spain, the law bans you from riding your bike while listening to music with your headphones. They do it for security reasons. Well, the solution is to get a small portable bluetooth speaker and you’re OK. Maybe you can even use the built-in speaker of your smartphone. The smartphones today have really good and loud integrated speakers.
Another option for you may be getting into some GAMING. You know – the video games.
You can try some cool PC games on Steam or maybe you can get a cheap pre-owned Sony Playstation. You can even use your smartphone and download some video games from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The choice is yours. So get into some gaming and you might enjoy that.


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