Watching “Ticket to Paradise” with George Clooney and Julia Roberts

Hey what’s up guys — this is Perro Loco X — your favorite rapper, blogger and producer. So you can see here on Redmacorg I’m getting all the coolest stuff so you can check it out. This is what I’m about — I just love to collect the really cool stuff. You understand?

I like the cool stuff man. That’s just me. That’s why I’m writing this here right now. Hehehe

You know what movie I’m watching right now? — “Ticket to Paradise” with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. I must say it’s a pretty cool movie if you wanna watch it — I encourage you to do it. I really like this movie man — it makes me feel alright. “Ticket to Paradise” is light and funny — just perfect to watch it with your loved one. I do like the romantic comedies hahah.

Yeah man.

Yeah — I like to watch all the cool movies — you know. Because watching a cool movie is like visiting a new country — it gives you new ideas and expands your imagination.

And I must say now I really enjoy movies where there’s no too much drama or violence. Just wanna watch something light and funny — you know. The romantic comedies seem to be the right thing for me. Hahaha You may make fun of me like I’m a man and I’m here watching romantic comedies and writing a blog post about it… LOL. But I think this actually makes me even cooler. Now I’m just super cool man. Now I’m ice cold bro. For real.

I’m cool. I’m super-cool. I’m ice cold bro. For real. Super real. Super Super mega real.

Now you see I’m a rapper, right? Hahahah

I just do my thing bro — you can see me. I’m just doing my thang and enjoying it. This is very similar to skateboarding actually — I just do what I like and I just enjoy it. Ain’t it cool bro?

OK guys — now just go to Spotify and search for “Perro Loco X” and listen to all of my songs. My tracks are just GREAT. Because Perro Loco X is the best rapper in the world. Period.

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