Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is a famous American Hollywood movies actor. Tom has special charisma and is one of the best paid movie actors in the world.

Tom Cruise have starred blockbuster super-movies like Top Gun (1986), The Color Of Money (1986) where he shared performance with great Paul Newman and other super-movies like the Mission Impossible saga where he portrayed a super-hero special agent who can do pretty much everything.

Other great movies of Tom Cruise include Jack Reacher and Eyes Wide Shut (co-starred with Nicole Kidman).

Definitely Tom knows the movie business and sure knows how to perform some amazing acrobatic super-stunts using no doubles. Tommy is a real man and DOES HIS OWN STUNTS IN THE MOVIES many times risking his own life just for the pleasure of how it feels. Warning: do not try to perform that kind of stunts in real life because it’s dangerous for your life.

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