Starting The Day In A Beautiful Way

Yo what’s up guys – this is Yuriy Konivets starting the day here in Barcelona, Spain. Today is October 12 2020 and it’s a beautiful Monday. The weather is soft, the sky is clear and everything is as cool as it to be appears.

Now you see I’m happy to be here, writing for the world and talking about everything I want. This happens just because I have this website (Redmacorg).

You know, right now I’m doing things in several websites that I have. I have the redmacorg itself, the everysax and the CocoComo right now. Each of those websites has an english version (the original) and also has a spanish and a russian version.

Yeah, I’m the guy who speaks, writes and creates content in three languages right now… And I must say I’m enjoying it.

I Feel Good, Oh Yes I Do

I feel good, oh yes I do. That’s what keeps me happy you know – feeling good, just feeling good. Feeling good about me, feeling good about my life, feeling good about the world. Everything is cool, I like it and I’m grateful for everything.

My life has changed in a good way the last 2-3 years because I have been consciously doing things to improve myself and my life and I keep doing those things.

I have changed my daily habits: I dropped the unproductive habits and adopted the PRODUCTIVE HABITS.

If you want to know more about the productive habits – visit

OK guys, everything is cool and I wish yo the same.

Good day for everybody in the world!!

See you soon!!


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