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So you know what? I have something to share here. You know that to be successful in life you’re supposed to be a good professional, a good specialist in something. The common knowledge tells us that we should specialize in a particular area or niche. We’re supposed to be good woodworkers, good architects or good coders… But what if you want to merge those professions? What if you get bored while working only with wood or only with buildings or only with code?

I’ve come across an interesting phenomena that I want to share with you. And this phenomena occurs when you begin to merge the different interests you have and the result of merging different areas of your work can be really surprising. You can enjoy some amazing benefits while merging your different interests or areas of work. And this phenomena does not occur by chance, it has some underlying causes. And the main cause of this phenomena is that many different aspects of our lives are actually INTERCONNECTED.

The Example Of Working With COMPUTERS(an IT company)

Let’s not go too far and let’s see the particular example of working with computers and the different aspects of this work like coding, graphic design, video production and music production.

What occurs in the big IT companies? We have one person for coding(the coder), we have another person for the graphic design(the graphic designer), and then we have 2 more persons; one for the production of the videos(the video producer) and another person for the music production(the music producer).

So you can see here that we have a total of 4 professionals in this company and each professional is covering one of the four aspects of the production activity. So, you see, there is nothing wrong with this model and everything works perfectly OK because every professional is doing his or her own particular area of work and everything is cool because the coder will always be coding and will become very good at coding because he practices coding every day. The graphic designer will become an outstanding graphic designer because he is making use of the graphic design software every day. The same goes with the video producer and the music producer. You see, everything is cool here and everything is working… Apparently…

Now let’s get a little bit closer here. Let’s get a little bit deeper in the operations and the production activity of this particular IT company. And when we get deeper, we begin to see 2 major things that we can change in order to maximize the profits of this IT company:

Maximizing The PROFITS Of Our IT Company

The first thing is that our professionals eventually get bored of doing the same kind of activity every day. The coder gets bored of coding every day so maybe he would like to try some graphic design so he can also grow as a professional graphic designer. The graphic designer gets a little bored of working with Photoshop and Illustrator every day so he maybe would like to try some video editing. The video producer is a little bored of working with Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere so maybe he would like to expand his experience by beginning to use some music production software… So, you see, the first point is that we can offer our specialists the opportunity to learn a new skill and this way to make their everyday work a little more interesting. Happy and content professionals means better working professional. Better working professionals means more and better production and more profits for our company.

The second thing is that by allowing our professionals to learn and practice a new kind of work inside our company we’re making better professionals for our company. Here a clear example: if the coder knows a little bit about graphic design he will be a better coder and if the graphic designer knows a little bit about coding he will be a better and more efficient graphic designer because the coding and the graphic design are interconnected somehow. The same goes with our video and music specialists: is the video producer knows a couple of things about the music production he will be able to make better videos and if the music producer knows something about video producing he will be able to make better music to fit the videos of our IT company.

So the main thing here is to let our professionals to work together on different areas of work that are indirectly interconnected. This way we achieve a better synergy between our professionals. Better synergy between professionals means more and better production. More and better production means more profits for our IT company.

So the overall point here is that we should interconnect the different departments of our company because this way the departments will achieve better synergy. We should interconnect the specialists from every department. We should achieve better communication and understanding between the specialists of different departments of our company because we may have different departments but every department is still a part of one company, our company. All the departments in our company are interconnected because at the end of the day they produce the product or the service of our company.

So you see what happens here: I’ve put this simple example of an IT company where the 4 departments(coding, graphics, video and audio) are interconnected but we have one different person responsible for every department. So now I see this not only in a company. I see this in everyday life where we have many aspects and areas of work and many different interests. I see this as an entrepreneur. And you see, you may dedicate yourself to different areas of your life but every area in the life is interconnected and that’s why I see that becoming a professional at only one aspect in our lives is not sufficient for achieving big success in our lives. Plus, being a professional in only one area of your life is kinda boring…

Different Areas Of Life Feed Each Other

So the main point here and the main thing I want to talk about here is that different areas of life are actually interconnected.

We have seen this little example here about an IT company and the different departments of this company that are actually interconnected because at the end of the day the produce the same product or service. Every department is taking part in one big production process which is aimed at creating one big product or service which is the main product or service of this IT company.

Now that we have seen the example of this IT company, we can see other examples to better understand the underlying interconnection between different areas of life and work.

The FAST FOOD Company Example

Let’s see a clear example that shows us how different areas of life and production and different kinds of professionals are actually interconnected at producing some hamburgers, french fries and soft drinks.

Let’s see here a clear example of a fast food restaurant, something similar to a Mcdonald’s or a Burger King restaurant.

In a fast food restaurant we have 3 basic popular foods which are the hamburger, the french fries and the soft drink.

Now let’s see here a little bit closer and a little bit deeper where do exactly the components for each food come from.

First let’s see the real star of the show: let’s see the hamburger, where do the different components of the hamburger come from and the different professionals that are working at the production of a hamburger.

First let’s see the hamburger itself and the different components it has: the classic hamburger is made of bread, meat and cheese-

Now let’s see where do the bread, the meat and the cheese come from and what professionals are involved in the production of this 3 key elements.

3 Components Of A Hamburger: The Bread, The Meat And The Cheese. Where Do They Come From?

The bread comes from the fields of wheat. So you can see here that to produce the bread for our hamburger we need some farmers that will plant the wheat and later will harvest the wheat and send our beloved wheat to the flour production plant where the professionals of the flour production plant take the wheat cultivated and harvested by our farmers and make the flour out of this wheat. We must note that to transport the wheat from the field to the flour production plant, we need a truck driver.

So now that the professionals of the flour production plant have taken the wheat and have produced the flour, the flour now is taken to the bread production plant where the bread for our beloved hamburger is produced. Please note that to carry the flour from the flour production plant to the bread production plant, we need a train or a truck driver. 

Alright guys, so now we have our beloved flour transported to the bread production facility where the bread for our hamburger is produced. OK, so the professionals of the bread production plant take the flour and produce some bread. OK, now we have the bread and we transport it to our fast food restaurant where the hamburger is made and sold to the clients by the fast food restaurant professionals.

OK, now we have the bread for our hamburger covered and we have seen that for the production of the bread for our hamburger we have needed 4 basic professionals which are the farmer, the truck or the train driver, the flour production plant professional and the bread production plant professional. We can see that all these professionals that are apparently not interconnected, are in fact interconnected and are working in the production of a hamburger for our fast food restaurant.

Now let’s go with the meat for our hamburger. The meat is obtained from the cows. The cows are raised at a cow farm by the cow farmers. Than the cows are transported to the meat processing plant by the truck or the train driver. The professionals of the meat processing plant produce the meat that is ready for making our hamburger and send this meat to our fast food restaurant.

So now you see that with the meat we have a similar process here where we need a cow farmer, a truck or a train driver and a meat processing plant professional.

Alright, so now that we have the meat for our hamburger covered, let’s go with the final ingredient which is the cheese.

The cheese is produced from the cow milk, so to produce the cheese for our hamburger… TO BE CONTINUED…

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