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Redmacorg is my personal collection of the best stuff I find on the Internet. Here I publish everything I pretty much like and find interesting or useful.

I also have another couple websites: Everysax and CocoComo. On Everysax I talk about the entrepreneurship, building your own business (product or service) or growing and amplifying your current business. On CocoComo I talk about the Internet Marketing and making money online.

So Redmacorg is a website about the GOOD LIFE where I write articles and post videos and images about the Good Life. Because this is what we want, right? — To live a Good Life!!

How do I live a GOOD LIFE?

Everybody wants to live a good life but not everybody knows how to make is happen… But me I know how to make the good life a reality in your life — it all starts with the way you think and see the things — to live a good life you have to start to think in a POSITIVE WAY. The positive thinking is the direct way to the good life. Because we attract to ourselves things with our thoughts — that’s why we have to deliberately start to think, talk and imagine only the good things — only the things that we want to have in our life.

Movie “The Secret”

You can learn a lot about the positive thinking in the movie “The Secret” of Australian author and director Rhonda Byrne. So now you can just go and watch the movie “The Secret” because it will cheer you up and show you some cool and actionable techniques for improving you life by making a shift in the way how you think about the things in your life and how you react to the things that happen ion your life.

Reacting in a positive way

We have to learn to react in a positive way even to some “bad” situations or what we consider as “bad” situations. Because even if something “bad” happens we have to react in a positive way — or maybe just laugh and not give a lot of importance to that “bad” thing. Because this way we’re gonna attract the “good” things to our life. We have to tune ourselves to the “good” frequency — the frequency of love, health, abundance, happiness and joy. And it all starts when we start thinking in a positive and constructive way.

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