Perfecting Your Skill

You know what is NOT boring? – Perfecting your skill. It can be perfecting your blogging skill, your rapper or musician skill or maybe your bicycle riding skill. But I think that this way your life can be really cool and interesting.

It’s like OK – you can get whatever you want in life and that’s cool. But now let’s see – getting like things that OTHER people have created for you… Well it’s pretty cool… But why not creating your own things? Like creating your own car or something? Well… For me PERFECTING your skills and making yourself a better professional in something is like “creating your own car”.

And why am I telling you all this? It’s because you can buy whatever you wanna buy with money. But you can’t buy yourself a skill. You can only make and perfect your own skills. Make your skills better by constantly practicing whatever you want to be good at. And I think that’s kinda great and kinda cool or something because this way you’re making yourself better and at the same time you’re getting something really valuable – something that you just can’t buy with money.

So yeah – perfecting your skill is not boring at all and it can give your life a new spark of coolness and *real* enjoyment.

Because perfecting your skill is CREATING yourself.

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