Maybe you ask yourself too many questions…

So maybe you’re asking yourself too many questions and that s**t can’t be too good for you… It’s because you can be asking yourself things like “why am I here?” “what is the meaning of life?” “am I supposed to do something?” and stuff like that. And let me tell you that all that questioning – if it turns into “obsession” – can’t be too good for you.

So what I want to say here is don’t go hard on yourself. Be easy on yourself. Let yourself be and maybe this way you can be *happier*.

So this is why I write all this stuff you know… I just want to be happy and that’s why I’m always looking for the “cool” things in life. I’m looking for the things that can make you happy. Because you know, eventually you get bored and tired of pretty much EVERYTHING in life if you do it too much you know… And that’s why many times people end up unhappy in life because even if you got pretty much EVERYTHING in life, you can end up bored and unhappy. So it’s up to you to look for the cool things in life that you can do and this way you become happy again.

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Perro Loco X