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Hey what’s up guys this is Yuriy here broadcasting for the world.

You know that I produce rap music and I’m also a rapper. My stage name is “Perro Loco X”.

So yes — I like producing hip-hop and I enjoy rapping and recording myself with a mic in the studio.

And you know — I use Ableton Live for recording and music production.

I have tried several DAW’s like Cubase, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops (FL Studio), but I really like the Ableton Live DAW.

I don’t know why — but for me the Ableton Live is kinda simple and pretty intuitive. The only thing that you have to understand while using Ableton Live is that basically it has 2 modes: the vertical and the horizontal. The vertical mode is for live performance and the horizontal is for making the final production of the track and exporting the mp3 and wav files of your track.

since 2018

Perro Loco X