Lionel Messi Purchases Another Hotel – The SEASUN FONA In Majorca(Spain) r2

  • the acquisition took place in February 2019 through Messi’s Explotaciones Rosotel company which handles Lionel’s hotel business ventures

The FC Barcelona Argentinean soccer player Lionel Messi has acquired the Seasun Fona hotel located in the Spanish island of Majorca. Leo has used his Explotaciones Rosotel company to accomplish the buying operation. The hotel’s former owner Vicente Miralles has confirmed that the deal took place in February 2019.

Messi Already Had Invested In Hotel Business Before(MiM Ibiza Hotel and more)

This is not Messi’s first time investment in the hotel business. In 2018 the Argentinean soccer star purchased the Es Vivé hotel in the island of Ibiza. Today this hotel is operating under the name of MiM Ibiza.

The SEASUN FONA Hotel Has A 4-Star Rating

The Sea Fun Fona purchased by Messi in February has a total of 98 rooms and a 4-star rating.

The former hotel owner Vicente Miralles tells us that right now the hotel is undergoing some improvement works and will open its doors again in May 2019. Vicente also says that the name of the hotel is going to change to “Mallorca Fona”, but he thinks that Messi could change it to another name, maybe something with “MiM” included. Miralles says that this is because the two hotels Messi already owns in Ibiza and Sitges both have a “MiM” in their commercial name.

Miralles also states that the Seasun Fona hotel will be managed by the Majestic catalan hotel group. The Majestic group seems to be the Messi’s advisor in the hotel business ventures.

Vicente Miralles also comments that the Lionel Messi persona is a sure way to promote something and this deal will be beneficial for Majorca and S’illot(the town where the Seasun Fona hotel is located).

Leo Messi is the president of Explotaciones Rosotel company which is owned by Limecu España 2010. Limecu is owned by Messi himself and his father.

The Seasun Fona hotel will be improved and will operate as a 4-star plus or maybe even a 5-star hotel. And beware if you’re planning to go to a Messi’s hotel with your kids because Leo’s hotels tend to be adults-only.

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