Hip-Hop Is About Baggy Clothes And 80 Bpm

Ok let’s write something here.
This is awesome. This is really good.
Hello my name is Yuriy and I enjoy recording, mixing and producing hip-hop songs.

I like hip-hop and I like baggy clothes. Baggy clothes is really good because it’s very comfortable for everyday living. When you wear baggy clothes you just FEEL GREAT because you feel free and relaxed.

Try purchasing some XXL t-shirts and pants and you will feel the difference.
You know — the hip-hop and the baggy clothes just go together. It’s just how it’s meant to be.

There is also a third element in hip-hop: the graffiti.

The graffiti for me is writing some word o words with some cool shapes and visual effects. The letters normally overlapse one with another — this effect makes the graffiti appear even cooler.
Now let’s talk about the hip-hop music, the rap music.

One thing that I have always liked about the hip-hop or rap music is its characteristic rhythm. Because the rhythm in hip-hop is not too fast and neither is too slow. The rhythm in hip-hop just has the right tempo. It’s something between 80 – 90 bpm. Sometimes a little more. Sometimes a little less.

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