Acceptance Equals Happiness

So yes, guys — acceptance means happinness. Because when you accept your current situation and your current circunsances you instantly start being happy.

And I say this because right now I was driving the car here in Barcelona, Spain and I saw a woman carrying some trash bags out of a restaurant or something. I think she was an employee of the restaurant and she was taking away the trash bags. And I instantly remembered when I myself was in a Burger King flippin’ hamburgers and taking away the trash bags. And on the face of that woman I saw that expression of acceptance — of the acceptance of her current situation — and I thought: maaaan THAT IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS: JUST TO ACCEPT YOUR CURRENT CIRCUNSTANCES.

And there is a lot of beauty in accepting your current circunstances and your current situation. When you accept yourself and you accept your current situation — you instantly start to appreciate the real beauty of life and you start being happy.

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